7 Amazing Offers Americans Are Jumping On In 2019

7 Amazing Offers Americans Are Jumping On In 2019

1.) Is your credit score costing you thousands?

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The majority of Americans know their credit score is essential, but many don’t understand just how big of a difference it truly makes. Each time you apply for a loan, the bank checks your credit score to determine how much they will charge you to borrow money.

To understand your credit score, you need to take the first step towards knowing where you currently stand. That’s where this website comes in handy. FreeScore360 allows you to figure out your current credit score easier – and the best part is you can try it free with a 7-day trial! Having a full grasp on your credit score can save you from spending thousands of dollars every year – click here to find out what yours is today.

2.) $15,000+ In Credit Card Debt? Check Out This Easy Debt Elimination Plan

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Due to the cost of living skyrocketing in the united states, more people are struggling with financial debt than ever before. That, combined with the snowballing effect created by interest rates, owing on your credit cards can feel like a never-ending loop. However, here are a few things credit card companies don’t want you to know…

If you have $15,000+ in credit card debt, this debt relief program can profoundly reduce the amount you owe. The program allows many to become completely debt-free in 12-48 months, all without getting a loan.

Ready to get rid of that $15,000+ in credit card debt? Just click here to see if you qualify for reduced payments. 

3.) Find Lower Monthly Auto-Insurance Rates

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Did you know that if you drive less than 50 miles each day and live in a qualified zip code, you could get a massive discount on your car insurance? The majority of car insurance companies hide this from you, which in turn causes a lot of Americans to overpay.

When comparing your rates here, the results can be extremely shocking. Many Americans discover that it’s possible to save up to 70% on their current auto insurance policy as well as find rates down to $36 each month. See how much you can save by taking advantage of this free service today.

4.) You Could Save Up To 70% On Life Insurance

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There is, unfortunately, an 8-10% increase in your insurance premium with every year you age. For a lot of people, these costs can add up significantly fast. To make matters worse, once you reach a certain age, you have a harder time qualifying for new policies altogether.

Thankfully, cheap life insurance policies are not entirely out of reach. You’ll need this website to compare different quotes from multiple insurance companies. The best part is free! They will find the best life insurance policies available at the lowest rates by running your information through their system. You could save up to 70% on life insurance.

Instant approval policies are available, and there is no medical check. Look here to see available plans.

5.) Don’t Ever Pay For Home Repairs Again

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When you’re on a fixed monthly budget, unexpected home repairs can be catastrophic to your finances. Unfortunately, home insurance does not cover major appliances, like refrigerators and stoves, when they break down. The same goes for your AC unit in the summer or your heater in the winter. If any of these items break, it can cost you and your family thousands of dollars.

That’s why this Home Warranty Program that supplements homeowners’ insurance catches the interests of so many people. It ends up saving people thousands by keeping them protected from the unexpected. The furnace, AC, appliances, roofing repairs- are ALL covered! What’s more is, if they can’t fix it, they replace it.

Sign up here and get your first 30 days of home warranty FREE

6.) Cut Your Energy Bill In Half With 50% Off

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Homeowners living in qualified areas in the U.S. are going solar, and in doing so, slashing their monthly electric bills. Going solar is a no brainer decision for many Americans due to the Brand NEW tax credits & rebates.

Many homeowners can reduce their energy bills and increase the value of their homes by installing solar panels, especially considering most programs have $0 up-front costs. With these brand new solar programs, Americans are saving thousands of dollars. 

Click here to see if your zip code qualifies.

7.) Don’t Overpay On Health Insurance

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You could be saving thousands a year on health insurance, depending on your zip code. Unfortunately, due to most Americans being unaware of their available options, they end up highly overpaying.

Using this website to compare health insurance plans statewide instantly is KEY. Completing the survey takes less than 2 minutes and will allow you to compare multiple plans to help you maximize your savings.

See the savings options available to you here.

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