It might seem like a long way off, but the holidays will be here even before you know it. You will then be shopping, looking for the best deals and likely emptying your wallet in the process. Now is the best time to start saving to pay for the most costly time of the year.

Holiday spending can quickly get out of control if you fail to prepare for them; from gift cards, party attires, travel, and any other expenditure. Here are some smart tips that will help you save money and prepare for the holidays.

1. Buy cheap gift cards

Gift cards are the second most common holiday gift. Although gift cards can’t expire until five years, many of them remain unused every year. The primary use of gift cards is to provide the consumer with a rebate on their desired purchase item. They are a great way of spending money on precise retailers.

According to Trae Bodge, an expert in savings from Gift Card Granny, a gift card resale website, the biggest mistake you could make is to put your cards in the drawer and not utilize them. Bodge advises one always to keep their gift cards in their wallets so if they happen to be in the precise store and see something they want, and they will be able to use it.

2. Get cashback

Cashback websites offer you ways to earn extra cashback. These websites make their money through partner links that lead to their website. According to Michelle Madhok, founder of and, people should take advantage of online resources for saving money, for instance, cashback websites like Bank of America’s Add It Up to earn money from purchasing items from various retailers.

3. Add browser extensions

Everyone wants to get the best deal while shopping online. However, sometimes researching numerous sites and finding promo codes that can work can be a daunting task. Browser extensions can help you scour the web for coupons, deals, and discounts to bring you the best price every time you shop. According to Trae Bodge, browser extensions like Wikibuy or even Gumdrop by Goodshop will notify you when the items you want to purchase goes on sale.

4. Use apps that offer deals

According to Trae, some apps will make shopping easier for you. It is good to download such apps for your Android or iPhone to alert you about new deals immediately.

5. Subscribe to your favorite stores

Michelle advises one to sign up to their favorite stores to get email subscriptions where they can get alerts about deals and new items that have been added to the store.

6. Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk saves you a lot of money. You can save up to 30-50 percent when buying wholesale food, especially when compared to most name-brand prepackaged food. Bodge recommends that you consider your shopping habits and use a free option to place your orders online.

7. Don’t sacrifice savvy for convenience

Before deciding on buying an item online, search for similar items, and compare the prices. You can Google the product, use the filters on the left side to select the item you want, and compare the prices. Comparing prices helps you get the cheapest deal on the market.

8. Save on wrapping

As the holidays draw nearer, you should try to score as many sales as possible. You can save money on wrapping by using surprising packaging with creativity and savings. A brown mailing paper is another creative, cheap, and intelligent way to save on wrapping papers. According to Trae Bodge, there are many other options on saving on wrapping papers like using butcher paper and letting the honorees decorate and personalize the gifts themselves.

9. Save on décor

Always time your shopping and buy your decorations in early November; this is when many large stores roll out the best discounts. You can save up to 80 percent if you purchase home decoration and save them for the next year’s holidays. When purchasing your home décor, don’t forget to buy durable items that you can reuse.

10. Make friends with the salesperson

Not everybody can negotiate; therefore, seek out the right person and make friends with the salesperson. Play nice, and everyone will want to do you a favor. The friends you made at the store will be happy to tell you whether there is a new deal available.

11. Stick to a list and budget

The holiday is a time to be generous, and it is easy to get a tough bill to face if you fail to stick to a list budget. Make sure to write down everyone you plan to give gifts to and set the price limits to help you keep your holiday spending on track. According to Trae Bodge, your first step to financial liberty is making a budget and sticking to it.

12. Avoid the debt trap

The holiday comes with substantial expenses, and people can find themselves going deeper into debt. However, you can delight in the season without falling into the debt trap with few guidelines like making a budget and sticking to it.

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